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Our Top 10

Our Top 10

12.10.2016. | pr marketing magazin članak top 10 best campaigns brand new year umjetnost feedbacka catch the wave i bogati plaču iskrena vina reci to glasno klopa s klupa sloganini pod zidom hrabri telefon

Marketing Magazin, one of the most important regional advertising publications asked us to choose our top 10 campaigns for their regular column “Our Top 10”, in which ad agencies present their best work. The choice was not an easy one because we are very proud of everything we do. It was the most read article on the magazine's website this month so if you missed it check out which campaigns made the cut.


“Our Top 10” – Señor

Croatian agency with a Spanish name Señor maybe isn't among the oldest yet they created a number of successful and awarded campaigns, that often include a lot of humour. Lately they strengthened their design department. The result? Award-winning works of course.

Señor, which was the second most awarded agency at this year’s Days of communication festival, certainly do not lack variety in their creative portfolio: from public awareness, telecommunication, through specifically design-oriented to campaigns that promote the progress and development of the advertising industry. The agency admitted collecting works for the list was not easy at all. “Although Señor was founded 3 years ago, choosing campaigns for “Our top 10” turned out as a difficult task, meaning we could be proud of our work. Clear, fresh, relevant and well-executed ideas are always very important for us. Ask us in a year time and we will probably provide you with a totally different list.”

Brand New Year (2013)

“Does every second Italian restaurant really have to be named Roberto? And every tourist agency Travel Tours? And don’t let us even start with the accounting services’ names such as Veritas Plus! At the times when creativity of entrepreneurs is obviously lacking behind, we decided to create twelve names of soon-to-be companies and – in collaboration with twelve Croatian designers – provide them with a visual component. Moreover, twelve names with added slogans and visual identities is our contribution to future entrepreneurs with an aim to refresh boring domestic market, showcasing the power of branding on the way. This project won Golden Award at IdejaX and was awarded with the Copywriter of the year and Best idea awards at Sudnji dan 2014 contest.”

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The Art of Feedback (2016)

“Anyone that works in design, advertising or is somehow present in the creative industry, is sooner or later faced with client’s feedback. It happens that client and creative do not speak the same language. Can you achieve a positive result without communication? For this project we collaborated with actors who interpreted unclear and unconstructive feedback that has been hiding for years at anonymous senders’ “dungeons”. We want to encourage the discussion at both sides with an aim making the communication more constructive and therefore more successful. That’s how you will understand communication is an art in itself. We bet you have your own examples, do not hesitate and submit it at”

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Catch the Wave (2016)

“Atlantic Group is a company that has been exploring the world and conquering new shores in the process of internationalisation – and they’re doing a good job. And when a company does a good job, everyone wants to catch the wave with them. With a simple intervention we created a corporate overview and transformed it into a wave and therefore gave everyone an opportunity to catch it if they want. We’re glad we have been thinking inside the box.”

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Misery of the rich (2016)

“Even the new-made rich can have a rough time as the agnecy showed in a campaign for Iskon’s new offer where its users received 1000 HKN (EUR 133,5). Discretion (and a good internet) guaranteed. Spots with their anonymous acknowledgements were awarded with public acknowledgements in a form of a prize for Best copywriter at IdejaX 2016. Campaign has also reported the highest number of calls in a day to Iskon’s call centre and excellent sales results.”

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Honest wines Matković (2016)

“An old saying goes “in vino veritas” (“in wine, truth”) but in the case of our design for Honest wines Matković packaging, the truth can be found on it. Honesty describes best the way the Matković family produces its wine –with love from own-produced grapes, affordable, fair and with no intention to mislead. That’s why we put small yet unspoken truths on the packaging, that are, like Honest wines, the best at the top of the tongue. Packaging that communicates with its audience was awarded at Cropak for the best packaging in Croatia, best copywriting at IdejaX and was regionally recognized at Regpak and BalCannes contests.”

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Say it out loud (2016)

“With this campaign we showed that sponsored posts, banners and “native” articled shouldn’t be your only choice. We think the combination of offline and online communication works best and with “Say it out loud” we proved it. Normal citizens could feel the power of message on real, lively billboard. Media (digital and not so digital) couldn’t stop reporting about their love, political, stupid, sad, provocative and smart messages. Campaign was honoured with Campaign of the year award at MIXX, the biggest domestic festival of digital advertising.”

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Don’t Just Stand There (2014)

“Abuse of children is all around us, quite often in front of our eyes. Child molesters often go unconvicted for a variety of reasons. With “Don’t just stand there” we tried to raise awareness of child abuse and encouraged bypassers to not hesitate when it comes to report any cases of abuse otherwise they’re just like the abusers.”

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Sloganini (2014)

“Instead of boring self-promotional campaigns that lots of agencies like to do, our projects aim to contribute to the progress of the advertising industry and this campaign is no exception. At one place we gathered domestic slogans with a goal of an overview of our industry, copyrights protection and a call for a more creative and better communication at a public space. And to make lives of copywriters a little bit easier: you can contribute your slogans at”

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Under the Wall (2016)

“When we lack some fun in our lives, we try to turn ordinary everyday situations into action, drama or competition. Real film, television shows and sports fans are looking for good television content everywhere. Well, this may be a campaign for them. Campaign spots won the Best work award at this year’s IdejaX contest in a tough telecommunications category. Furthermore, we dominated the category with four out of five finalists.”

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Lack of good campaigns in your life? (2016)

“When we lack some fun in our lives, we try to turn ordinary everyday situations into action, drama or competition. Real film, television shows and sports fans are looking for good television content everywhere. Well, this may be a campaign for them. Campaign spots won the Best work award at this year’s IdejaX contest in a tough telecommunications category. Furthermore, we dominated the category with four out of five finalists.”

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Food from the bench (2014)

“Besides enjoying a good wine, we also like to enjoy good food, even if we have to enjoy it standing. With our friends in Projektil we created an event with an aim of popularising street food and public spaces and created its visual identity, name, branding and communications. For one afternoon Zagreb looked like London or Berlin – or maybe better.”

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