After the impressions subsided after the Dani komunikacija, we talked to HURA and revealed how the celebration went, what is our favorite award, what our clients say about our success and how we plan to keep the prestigious title in the coming years.

HURA: Congratulations once again on the title of Agency of the year at IdejaX and other awards you’ve won! We hope you had a big celebration. How do you feel now about that when all the impressions have subsided?

Thanks for congratulations! We celebrated immediately after the award, in a guerrila kind of way, at the The Croatian State Archives (where we hope to still hold our Intimno ruženje at the end of the summer) with the delivery of booze and McDonald’s (thanks to the girls from the account department!). We feel like the best agency in Croatia, just like we did even before these titles ;). To become the best, you have to think of yourself as the best - unless you are completely delusional. Self-confidence is important, but it is even more important not to rest on your laurels, this title should be repeated.

HURA: You also had great success at the Effie competition! Which award among the ones you’ve won is your favorite (if we may ask at all), which one (or which ones) are you especially proud of, and was there any award which was perhaps unexpected?

We are our own harshest critics; we only apply for projects that we think deserve an award so none of them are completely unexpected to us, but it’s still nice to know that the jury has recognized that as well. Confirmation of this is the almost 100% efficiency on the Dani komunikacija. We are happy to have been awarded a large number of different projects for different clients (Botanica, Zaba, Wiener, Vizol, Iskon, WWF Adria, after…) which shows how we do good things in different market categories - it’s not a matter of luck, it’s that how we make sure that the quality is always on level.

HURA: Please show us where you placed all the statues. Or do you first have to install additional shelves?

The statues are temporarily standing on our desk in the meeting room (almost too small for these 11 awards), the new shelves will have to wait for our return to the office as we are still working from home. People, get vaccinated, it's not so great to work from home anymore.

HURA: Are the clients happy and proud?

Judging by their applause, all the “wooing” at the award ceremony and the super congratulations that arrived the day after, we are sure they did. These are also their rewards, without their trust in us and our way of working, none of this would be possible. We appreciate that and thank them this way too. In the daily routine we are all focused on tasks, it is nice to have at least one day a year when we can look back on everything well done and celebrate it together.

HURA: At the presentation of the Agency of the Year award at IdejaX, you remembered the first IdejaX won for Señor. What would you say to yourself from that time with this experience? What would you say to those who are just starting out and / or are considering applying to IdejaX?

We would tell ourselves to just keep going, since we’re obviously doing something good, and to bravely keep going in moments when we doubt the correctness of our way and path. Although, it seems to us that we have always somehow believed it. To everyone else we would tell they need to apply for IdejaX, since the hardest part is to be a prophet in your own village.

The text was originally published on the HURA website.