For your invoices:

Señor. Dobro društvo za komunikaciju d.o.o.
Švearova 1, HR - 10 000 Zagreb

  • MB: 080878658

  • OIB: HR57525794282

  • IBAN: HR5124840081106740234


For dropping off mail and dropping by:

Señor. Dobro društvo za komunikaciju d.o.o.
Kumičićeva 10, HR - 10 000 Zagreb

Hours to drop by at:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

Want to join Señor?

Señor always strives to be professional, straightforward and creative. We look for innovative solutions and respect others' work and their point of view. Smart (but not smart-ass), responsible and well-organized, we are big on critical thinking and we always try to maintain a positive attitude. We like multitasking and don’t like giving up. We follow trends, but don’t like to think of ourselves as trendy. We don’t believe in labels; Señor loves the curious, renaissance types (experts in their respective areas) and wants to be in the company of such people.

If this sounds like an environment in which you want to create and thrive, let’s get in touch. Forget the formalities, impress us with quality not quantity - email us at Discretion guaranteed. We’re looking forward to meeting you!