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Jure gave the most boring interview!


For the end of the year, our Head of Creative Jurica Ćorluka gave the most boring interview you’ll read today. Try to reach the end!

Creative directors are the heart&soul of every good communication agency. Here with us, sharing his thoughts on creativity, is Jurica Ćorluka, Head of creative agencije Señor. The interview was led by Nenad Danilović, main editor of this edition of Advertiser Serbia.

1.  Evaluate and give an opinion on the work of your agency in terms of creative contribution in 2022.

In the agency, we are focused on creative contribution in 2022. We strive to develop new and innovative ideas that will be useful to clients and help them achieve their goals. We hope to continue to perform quality work, improve our creativity and provide a wide range of services for our clients. Our agency strives to create new and interesting ways to attract the target audience’s attention and help them achieve their goals. We also try to invest in the education of our employees so that they are able to respond to creative challenges.

2.  Give an assessment of the results of the work of the national and regional advertising scene in 2022... Select the best local campaigns, with an explanation:

The results of the work of the national and regional advertising scene in 2022 are very positive. In the last few years, local advertisers have significantly improved their abilities and skills and have managed to use all the advantages that new technology enables them. Local advertisers managed to take advantage of all the possibilities provided by the new media and really make significant progress in the field of marketing and advertising. Among the best local campaigns in 2022, the following stand out: Škoda "Live life in spring", a campaign that combined offline and online strategies, in order to achieve the greatest possible effect; and the Belgrade Stock Exchange "Live the stock market adventure", which used creative concepts and new technologies to attract as many people as possible. Both campaigns were very successful and generated significant market response and visibility.

3.  Which global campaigns or significant individual works from 2022 caught your attention and why?

One of the most significant world campaigns from 2022 that caught my attention is The United Nations' (UN) "Decade on Ecosystem Restoration". This initiative is aimed at restoring ecosystems around the world and includes all forms of ecosystem restoration, such as restoration of forests and water systems, restoration of sandy beaches and coastal restoration. This is significant because it will help protect the environment and human health, protect natural resources and improve the quality of life. Also, an individual work that caught my attention is "The Open Source Seed Initiative" (OSSI). OSSI is a global initiative that provides free, open seed sources for the world's community of farmers and researchers. This initiative is significant as it will provide access to appropriate seed resources for a variety of users and enable farmers to access seed technologies that are simpler, cheaper and more disease-resistant.

4.  What trends can be expected, primarily in world advertising but also in the media in 2023?

1. Greater convergence of advertisers and media - in 2023, it is expected that advertisers and media will become more closely connected to create another level of synergy. Convergence is already underway, and it is expected to continue - from the simplification of the ad buying process to the development of different ad formats and the accelerated ad production process.

2. Increasing personalization - 2023 is expected to be the year of personalization of marketing messages, including advertising. In today's digital environment, advertisers and media will concentrate on providing personalized ads and content that will be completely customer-focused.

3. Wide application of AI and machine learning - AI and machine learning will be widely applied in world advertising and media in 2023. AI will enable advertisers to automate ad buying processes, as well as to direct their advertising messages to specific target groups.

5.  Times have changed... What is a good agency creative nowadays? What characteristics should he possess?

A good agency creative today needs to possess a wide range of skills and knowledge, including the ability to use modern technologies, to understand the needs of clients and to successfully solve problems. Also, he should have the ability to understand the needs of the users and then make decisions about how to use them in creative solutions. He should have the ability to react quickly to changes in the market, as well as the ability to follow trends in the field of design and interactive technologies. Also, he must have the ability to work in a team and adapt to new circumstances.

6.  The relationship between agencies and their clients is of great importance for the good work performance... During the last few years, there have been changes in the performance of the work process, inflation has appeared as a factor, etc. How do you evaluate this relationship, compared to the period 3 years ago?

The relationship between agencies and their clients has changed compared to the previous three years. Factors such as changes in the performance of work processes, inflation and other factors have affected this relationship. The agencies have adapted to the new circumstances and set new standards for their work performance. They strived to provide the best service and to provide their clients with the best possible value. This also led to a change in the way clients relate to agencies. There are now higher standards for service delivery as well as communication between clients and agencies. All participants in the process became more aware of their responsibility and the importance of good cooperation. Also, the agencies were more engaged in the process of providing services, which increased the level of trust and credibility between them and their clients.

7.  What is the availability of young professionals who are needed to work in creative agencies? What is the quality of the human resources that are available to refresh agency teams?

The availability of young professionals who are needed to work in creative agencies is very high. The quality of human resources available to refresh agency teams is also very high, mainly thanks to the increasing number of highly educated young people willing to work in the creative industries. The young professionals who are available mostly have top skills in areas such as design, coding, marketing, communications and more. In most cases, they also have appropriate experience in the relevant fields.

8.  What do you personally want for yourself in 2023?

If you're still reading this extremely boring interview, congratulations. The answers to the first 7 questions were given by the AI text generator ChatGP, not me. If you're still reading this extremely boring interview, congratulations. The answers to the first 7 questions were given by the AI text generator ChatGP, not me. Due to the (very low) interestingness of the answers to the above questions, the conclusion of that discussion is self-imposed. At least for now :). It sounds like a student who hasn't really studied much for the exam and is afraid to say anything too specific so he doesn't sound stupid.
And when I entered this, the 8th interview question, as a prompt, the AI answered:
"I want to be happy, healthy and successful, to have a lot of success in my career, to enjoy life and to be blessed with family and friends."

What more could a human (or a robot) want?

This text was originally published on Advertiser Serbia.