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Branimir mingle mall


September 2019


Retail and Household

Branimir Mingle Mall

A shopping mall is usually just a shopping mall – a place to purchase some items where socializing is rarely the main aspect of your visit or even part of the plan. What if we wanted to "buy" something nonmaterial like a nice afternoon, a warm encounter or a new acquaintance?


Going to the mall doesn't have to be an obligation associated with crowds and endless halls that can make you go crazy, it can be an opportunity for some pleasant and casual mingling. This exact thought brought the minds of our strategists and creatives and the hands of our designers to a solution that puts Branimir, filled with new and appealing venues, on the map for everyone who values quality time over waiting in the grocery line.


New name. New groove. New branding! The mall where you'll enjoy tasty food, drinks, your company, a movie or a workout while your kids are in the playroom (or not even in the planroom) is given the name that describes it properly – Branimir Mingle Mall.

This name helps our client to sign, seal and deliver the whole idea of a mall in which you're more likely to hold someone's hand rather than a shopping basket. You can experience a large part of the mingle story through the visual identity and the campaign that accompany the Mingle Mall in an interior setting made in a yet another successful collaboration with Brigada.



Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very Creative Director | Luka Pervan ~ Creative Director, Copywriter | Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director | Danijela Maričević ~ Head Of Account | Anamarija Vuić ~ Account Executive | Alen Lipuš ~ Art Director, Designer, Illustrator | Mishel Kovačić ~ Designer | Lucija Drača ~ Photographer

Supernova Group

Blažena Lokin ~ Marketing Manager | Gabrijela Topić ~ Marketing Specialist | Tamara Grgat ~ Marketing Specialist | Željana Krznarić ~ Leasing Manager | Markus Pinggera ~ Supernova Group Director


Damjan Geber ~ CEO, Creative Director | Zoja Ivanišević ~ Project Manager | Marina Brletić ~ Architect, Head Of Special Projects

Branimir mingle mall-01
This project included everything that a brand strategist can wish for: from naming a new category of an entertainment centre and meeting with sculptors for the 3D elements of branding, to measuring garage signalizations with the client and finding ways to make artificial flowers fit the centre in a natural way.

Danijela Maričević - Head Of Account

Branimir mingle mall-01
Guided by the vision of a destination entirely made for socializing and spending spare time, we created a completely unique concept on the market - “Branimir Mingle Mall” - a new generation of shopping mall. We branded it with a recognizable dynamic identity that clearly communicates its values and personality, as well as our positioning in relation to regular shopping malls.

Blažena Lokin - Marketing Manager