G3 Spirits




December 2019


Do student jobs really have to be so mundane? Could that time be spent in a more enjoyable way? In such way that students could lead a more compelling social life? Why aren’t parties hosted by the friendly people that enjoy them the most?

All work and no play (makes student a dull boy)

Students are overwhelmed with numerous obligations and often they need an additional source of income, so they could continue their education and chase their dreams. Student jobs tend to be exceptionally physical and students obviously don’t like them at all. Their own personality and sociability rarely has anything to do with the given job. But what if they could profit on their own enthusiastic playfulness and party spirit? 

I need to speak to the manager

Jägermeister opened up a position of dreams for every student that likes to party (that means every student). We had to roll our sleeves up and help Jäger create appealing communication with a clear message, so they could find ideal candidates for the job. Therefore, we established an online channel for the job that consists of organizing Jägermeister parties in student dorms, rented flats, parents’ cottages, neighbour’s basements etc. Students finally have a job that doesn’t demand an experience that they can’t possibly have or overtime that they will never be happy with.