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Award-winning communication platform for Wiener Insurance Insures your peace of mind and sequel Still insures your peace of mind for years continues to show that people who have Wiener insurance have only small worries. Our biggest worry this year was how will Domagoj Duvnjak, the captain of the Croatian national handball team, perform as the face of the campaign for car insurance of electric and hybrid vehicles. Luckily for us, his acting journey passed without difficulty as if he were acting on autopilot.

If you are wondering what the captain of the Croatian handball team has to do with insurance, now is the time to remind you that Wiener became a proud sponsor of the Croatian Handball Federation and thus made all lovers of sports and insurance happy. As the focus of the campaign is car insurance, one of our small worries on the set was if we could ask Duvnjak for his autograph.

Does the autograph have anything to do with automobile?

Unlike previous campaigns in which the main characters were played by well-known and lesser-known Croatian actors, in this campaign we decided to refresh our approach and pick a celebrity from other industry. Are electric cars too quiet and why a trunk on a car counts as a fifth door are just some of the concerns that any environmentally conscious driver can identify with…We don’t want to spoil it for you - iso t’s time to take a look at the campaign!

Are electric cars too quiet?
Why the trunk on a car counts as a fifth door?
Why the trunk on a car counts as a fifth door?
Why the trunk on a car counts as a fifth door? // Are electric cars too quiet? // When are we going to say that electric cars are just cars?
Are electric cars too quiet?

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