Supernova Group


Centar Kaptol


May 2022


Retail and Household


The idea of shopping is often associated with running a bunch of errands in a rush, and it’s mostly something that we do out of need, not out of joy. How to (re)build an image of a shopping mall that will, instead of speeding your daily pace up, manage to slow it down a bit? How to build an image of a shopping mall that people won’t go to because they need to, but because they want to?


Centar Kaptol’s secluded position in the very core of Zagreb and its high-quality content have always attracted those in search of a peaceful place to unwind from the tumultuous clamor of the city. That’s why the mall’s new positioning came so naturally to them — a premium lifestyle & shopping mall. This positioning has distanced the mall from its usual role of a gathering of shops and instead put a larger accent on the additional high-quality offer — a combination of prominent fashion brands, restaurants, bars and other services inside this green and spacious oasis makes Centar Kaptol a place where its visitors can relax knowing that they can fulfill all their needs in a calm and pleasant atmosphere, or in other words — a place where the city goes for a break.

Besides upgrading the positioning with a new slogan, our role in this project included setting up the new visual identity and communication. This project represents an example of good rebranding practice for us because of the multidisciplinary approach that was present from the very beginning of the project back in 2019. In collaboration with Brigada, the agency in charge of the architectural redesign, we laid the foundation of all further work, which enabled us the implementation of the concept to the smallest details.


Not so long ago, the daily pace of Zagreb’s citizens was slower and more relaxed, and the laid back gatherings on the streets and in the green courts of the city centre were the backbone of social life. That same feeling of ease and beauty of living in old Zagreb will now be revived in the new Centar Kaptol, and that same vision of old Zagreb, with its culturally, socially and stylistically rich history, will serve as an inspiration for the new visual identity. Inspired by colors and motifs present in Zagreb’s archival photographs and historical architecture, the role of the new identity was to reconcile the city’s past with the living habits of the modern visitors and to envision the mall according to Brigada’s interior design inspiration — the modern soul of old Zagreb.

That’s why the main element of the visual identity is a monogram, an old branding symbol, whose pattern resembles that of forged fences surrounding Zagreb’s hidden courts. With that in mind, a couple of fences with custom-made pattern derived from the visual identity were placed in the interior. Along with the graphic elements, the presentation of the new identity was accompanied by photographs created in collaboration with studio Filburg and photography duo Matković & Vild. So, if you’re in search of time lost to the fast daily pace, you can find it inside Centar Kaptol. And if you’re in search of some examples of good rebranding practice, we have just the thing for you. Check out the visuals for this case below and see you on top of Tkalča street!



Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very Creative Director | Jurica Ćorluka ~ Head of Creative | Luka Pervan ~ Creative Director | Lucija Drača ~ Copywriter | Valentina Mavretić ~ Copywriter | Alen Lipuš ~ Art Director | Mishel Kovačić ~ Designer | Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director | Danijela Maričević ~ Head of Account | Ana Ključević ~ Account Manager | Dora Crnčević ~ Digital Account Executive | Anamarija Tadić ~ Account Assistant


Andrej Filetin ~ Art Director (Filburg) | Franjo Matković ~ Photographer (Matković & Vild) | Senja Vild ~ Photographer (Matković & Vild) | Ivana Valter Zuban ~ Producer (Studio 7)

Supernova Group

Blažena Lokin ~ Marketing Manager | Gabrijela Topić ~ Marketing Specialist | Tamara Grgat ~ Marketing Specialist | Željana Krznarić ~ Leasing Manager | Markus Pinggera ~ Supernova Group Director


Damjan Geber ~ Creative Director | Zoja Ivanišević ~ Project Manager | Marina Brletić ~ Architect | Jelena Babić ~ Architect | Dominik Cergna ~ Product Designer | Andreja Lovreković ~ Junior Product Designer

Centar Kaptol became the thing we always missed in the city, a place to recharge and also a place where we’ll get everything done. By interpolating Zagreb’s history in the contemporary environment, we managed to create a unique sinergy whose charm is something we’ll always want to come back to.

Blažena Lokin - Marketing Manager

I started working on this project as an account and ended it as a copywriter. I guess Centar Kaptol isn’t the only one that repositioned :)

Lucija Drača - Ex-Account