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For years we've been dominating the telecom category with Iskon, this spring we've launched our first campaign for bonbon, and here we are now with the first campaign for Hrvatski Telekom, and it's the one for the most demanding audience as well: GenZ. For everything about technology, connection and communication, you can ask HT. For everything about the juniors, you can ask them, and for everything about launching a new communication platform – you can ask Señor.

We all remember that feeling when your mom would pick out a shirt for you at the store or your dad would put together a playlist for your birthday without even consulting you. Although HT (23) is a GenZer himself, the smarter way to get to know GenZers and create an offer that they would actually consider using was to – ask them. We surveyed GenZers so we could identify their needs and wishes, find out what matters to them and what we could help them with. This dialogue doesn't end here since the whole idea of the #TebeSePita (#ItsUpToYou) platform is based on a constant relationship with the GenZers in order to come up with activities and services that will help us create a world of better opportunities together, whether we're talking about a STEM academy, a YT game show or a new offer. This is just the beginning!

You're the only one that knows what matters to you. We're here to help you make it happen. – HT

Data-free apps appeared at the top of their list of priorities, so we made sure that they were included in the offer. Whether you'll use them to fix your single friend up, launch a start-up or learn a new TikTok choreography – that's up to you! And whether you'll learn more about this intergenerational collaboration or not is also up to you, so just keep scrolling and check out all of the campaign materials.

#ItsUpToYou You slide into the DMs or the comments first? // #ItsUpToYou Are you following influencers or cringing over them?
#ItsUpToYou Which is better: trending hits or new discoveries?
#ItsUpToYou 5 apps with no data spending. // #ItsUpToYou Do you prefer voice messages or the long typing session?

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More money, more problems? Not if you ask prepaid users, who just want to surf without unexpected costs. That’s why Hrvatski Telekom created eSimpa — the only 100% digital option with which prepaid users surf without situations in which money is still being taken from their account after they run out of gigs. Find out how we capitalized on that information in creating the new HT campaign.

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Four new faces

In the last few months, four new colleagues joined us in all three departments — Monika Vodopija strengthened the design department, Mario Štrok refreshed the copy room, and Anja Mihaljević and Nika Novak reinforced the account lines. We wish our fresh señoritas and señor a warm welcome and a cold piña colada!

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