Udruga Biom


Udruga Biom


February 2024


Social action


The wolf, the fox, the vulture and the jackdaw go into the forest and never come back. No, that’s not a joke, but a horror that has been present in many parts of Croatia for decades.


The top-of-mind thoughts of Croatian nature are usually beauty, preservation and diversity. But our mountains, valleys, sea, forests and lakes also have a dark side. Every winter, untouched nature of Croatia is a home of ugly scenes in which people poison the wild animals.

Although poisoning is illegal and punishable, it has been present in our region for decades. To protect their livestock from wild animals which search for food, people use poison to get rid of wolves or foxes. By killing these animals they contribute to the extinction of native species and bring harm to our natural balance. When a wolf or a fox is killed, the poison is retained in the nature, and it also kills woodpeckers, vultures, eagles, hunting dogs and many other animals.

The wolf is threatened with extinction, the population of golden eagles has fallen to the number of 60-70, and it’s estimated that between 300 and 500 vultures have been killed in this way so far. That’s why, the association Biom, as part of the European project BalkanDetox LIFE, decided to make the public aware of this problem.


People who want to get rid of a wolf, a fox or some other wild animal with poison, become serial killers.

In a good desire to protect its livestock, people do unimaginable horrors to nature. That’s why, through a series of “film” titles, we invited the general public to, in case of poisoning, stop just watching those terrible scenes and report the problem.



Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director | Jurica Ćorluka ~ Head of Creative | Mario Štrok ~ Copywriter | Tomislav Fabijanić ~ Head of Design | Nika Novak ~ Account Executive | Deana Kovač ~ Account Assistant

Biom Association

Bolesław Słociński ~ Program manager | Marija Martinko Ivanov ~ Senior associate for nature conservation | Goran Šikić ~ Head of Communications


Dubravko Robić ~ Sound Engineer, Composer | Jure Lavrin ~ Video editor, Animator | Dario Paviša ~ Media Account Manager (Fervens)

Ever since our first conversation with Señor, we knew that the public campaign of our project was in safe, diligent and creative hands. Above all, they have the talent to understand you as a client, to understand your topic and your target audience. We can’t wait for a new collaboration with them!

Marija Martinko Ivanov - Senior associate for nature conservation

The process of crafting a campaign with Señor is a creative festival. They provide you with numerous ideas, each better than the last, accompanied not only by beautiful visual solutions, but also the knowledge on how to disseminate them to your target audience while maintaining your communication style and adhering to the highest modern standards.

Bolesław Słociński - Program manager

When birds play one of the main roles in the campaign, it’s logical to find inspiration in the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Mario Štrok - Copywriter