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Call for all companies: order a campaign that we’ll produce in 2022, and instead of paying Señor, donate our fee to a selected charitable organization that helps Ukraine — now!

Sadly, we remember the war in Croatia in which, like in every war, innocent civilians were hurt the most. These days we cannot stay immune to the sufferings of the Ukranian civilians and so, to help easen the situation a bit, we’re giving away our fee for working on one campaign for a client that is ready to help.

How can you join?


If you were planning to make a marketing campaign for your brand some time between May and December 2022, contact us at with the basic information about the project (the brand, task description, and the expected launch date) until Wednesday, March 23. The estimated value of the internal services we’re donating is 150 000 kn (~20 000 eur).


The money that was supposed to go to us (up to 150 000 kn), the chosen company will donate directly to a selected charitable organization that helps Ukraine. The important thing is that the help comes to them right now, when they need it the most.

Señor has always felt a sense of responsibility for the world it lives and works in. Instead of passively observing and scrolling through all the terrible news, we would like to help by using our greatest strength — ideas. We invite our colleagues from the industry and wider to help Ukraine by doing what they are best at.

Above all, we wish everyone peace.

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Four new faces

In the last few months, four new colleagues joined us in all three departments — Monika Vodopija strengthened the design department, Mario Štrok refreshed the copy room, and Anja Mihaljević and Nika Novak reinforced the account lines. We wish our fresh señoritas and señor a warm welcome and a cold piña colada!

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