Jamnica Botanica


June 2020




IdejaX 2021 Film: gold
Ideja 2021 Beverages: gold
IdejaX 2021 Branding: finalist
EFFIE 2021 Beverages: finalist
Behance 2020
HDD: Design in digital media
HDD: Integrated project
HDD: Packaging design

Know the feeling when you want to drink something refreshing and full of flavor, without having to spend an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill to make up for it? Know the feeling when you want to create a product story from the very beginning without having to make sh*t up later: the positioning is off, the packaging is a bit lame and who on earth shot that video? Now we know the feeling.


Jamnica, the market leader in Croatia, created a new product envisioned as a brand extension that will infuse the brand with a dash of fresh air. It’s an infusion of sparkling mineral water, with a 10% ratio of fruit juice and aromatic herbs, without added sugars, artificial colors or aromas. This innovative combination still unfamiliar to the locals’ taste buds is positioned in its own “natural indulgence” category. It targets primarily urban women (and men) who like to enjoy life without feeling guilty. In this fast-paced life, sometimes it’s essential to stop and smell… the wormwood!


The new drink by Jamnica comes in two combinations: orange/wormwood and lemon/mint (plus, on file, a lengthy list of herbs for interesting future blends). The key elements that make the drink stand apart from the usual mixtures of fruit and (sparkling) water were the herbs. They also served as inspiration for the naming of the brand. In addition to easy language recognition globally, we aimed for clarity, so that the very name can reveal what the drink is about and echo its essence. Since it was made according to the recipe created by (food) experts, we named it after a branch of biology, a science that studies the plants: BOTANICA.


Along with ‘natural’ and ‘pleasurable’, the adjective ‘trendy’ takes the third spot on the list of key brand associations. Herbariums and botanic manuals inspired the illustrations on the label. When selecting the style, we settled on a premium, contemporary, figuratively richer and more fashion-like style, which will please the eye and stir the heart of our audience. As Señor would say, it needs to be sexy. 


Thank god this time we didn’t get entangled in the classic way of presenting a new product that lists off its rational characteristics and benefits. Instead of dry facts, just like in the perfume and fashion industry, it is vital to create an emotional bond and present the feeling that Jamnica Botanica will leave every time it touches your taste buds. Take that, you dull commercial block.

The filming lasted for three days. The first two consisted of two parallel sets filming time-lapses of flowers blooming and ice melting. On the third day we filmed live action; we used for over 30 shots in the final 30 seconds of the video. 


At the time of writing, Botanica is already reaping its first compliments, sales are growing, and we firmly believe that the rocky start and current unfavorable epidemiologic circumstances won’t stop her from reaching full blossom. 

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Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very creative director, copywriter | Jurica Ćorluka ~ Head of creative, copywriter | Lucija Drača ~ Junior copywriter | Alen Lipuš ~ Art director | Tomislav Šestak ~ Art director | Tomislav Fabijanić ~ Senior designer | Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic director | Danijela Maričević ~ Head of account | Petra Brandt Barišić ~ Account executive | Gregor Bajić - Account assistant


Zvonimir Seki ~ Marketing director | Kristina Hustić ~ Group brand manager | Matea Milinović ~ Brand manager


Ivan Stojiljkovic ~ Director | Aleksandar Košutić ~ DOP | Branimir Živković ~ Editor | Ana Šepić Šolaja ~ Producer (Centralna jedinica) | Mia Gvozdić Michl ~ Producer (Centralna jedinica) | Damir Žižić ~ Photographer | Boris Miletić ~ Making of photographer | Vedran Klemens ~ Illustrator

I grew very fond of this project, we built it from head to toe with Señor… naming, branding and package design, all the way to this wonderful and visually explosive TV campaign, Señores and Señoritas lead our initial brief in the right direction and „clicked“ with it right away.

Zvonimir Seki - Marketing director, Jamnica

We „flew“ together and let our imagination run wild and the result of that is an ethereal and sensual concept that completely matches the product. As da Vinci once said – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. That's how I would describe this whole experience! :)

Kristina Hustić - Group brand manager, Jamnica

The perfect combination of Señor, aromatic herbs and bubbles created Jamnica Botanica we know of today. The jewel in the crown of this enormous project is the TVC that will bring spring to our advertising space.

Matea Milinović - Brand manager, Jamnica

Projects that don’t scare you usually don’t thrill you! When in one week you learn how long does it takes for a lily to blossom, how to blow up a frozen flower or design an inflatable dress, that’s what you call a great week. Plus, Ivan is a bonus.

Vanja Blumenšajn - Very Creative Director

„Beauty with brains“ projects are the ones I'm doing this job for, and Botanica is at the very top of this list.

Danijela Maričević - Head of Account

The video that we made is at the very least exceptional, majestic and for me endlessly valuable. The fullness of its picture, the freshness it emits as you watch it, the courage of its execution and tempo that overwhelms you and doesn’t let you blink are probably the video’s most captivating features. There are projects that connect people and make them even closer. This is one of those.

Ivan Stojiljković - Director