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Iskrena vina Matković


June 2018




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Ideja X 2014
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EFFIE 2019 Long term efficiency: finalist
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Matković wines are produced with care using high quality grapes, they are fairly priced, without any pretence or deceit when it comes to communication. Honesty best describes the way the Matković family approaches their business. Wrapping paper conceals the bottles. Once unwrapped they reveal small, unspoken truths on the labels.


Before every new edition, the challenge is to find new truths Matković wine enthusiasts could identify and resonate with, and to design new wrappings that will refresh the product and emphasize the differences between vintages. The idea planted in 2013 is flourishing with this year’s new floral edition, the largest one so far in this successful and honest (hi)story.

I dimmed the lights in the kitchen and opened a bottle of graševina. The plumber will be here any minute.
When you gave me a piggyback last night, you said I was light as a feather. I wondered if the chardonnay in my backpack had anything to do with that.
So what if it was his older brother? Not everything in life is black and white. Some things are rosé!
I sipped on a pinot noir and opened her laptop. I’ll just take a glimpse at the inbox… without reading!
I found myself staring at an empty box of frankovka. Maybe it’s true. Maybe I really do drink too much.
"This cuvée is very well rounded!” - I leaned toward her playing the wine expert just to have one more glance at her cleavage.
I opened the topic of moving to Ireland and he opened a cabernet franc. At that moment, I knew we wouldn’t be opening one of those things together again.
She poured some cabernet sauvignon into peanut butter jars excusing herself for the dirty dishes. I knew then and there that I wanted to spend my life with her.



Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very Creative Director, Copywriter | Jurica Ćorluka ~ Copywriter | Klasja Habjan ~ Copywriter | Miro Čavar ~ Art Director, Designer | Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director


Maja Danica Pečanić ~ Cover and Packaging Photograper | Ida Jurjević ~ Florist

OPG Matković

Josip Matković, Mira Matković, Iva Matković, Ivan Matković

The small truths on the labels are everything but ‘small’, they’re actually unbelievably strong. They are definitely my favorite part of every edition.

Ivan Matković - Owner, OPG Matković