Brand New Year


December 2013


Social impact



Does every other Italian restaurant really have to be named Roberto’s? And every tourist agency Travel Tours? And don’t let us get started with the accounting services’ names such as Veritas Plus! During a recession (and a creative depression), Señor decided to help small and medium businesses brand themselves and communicate better. 


We decided not to spam the audience with boring PR statements and lame New Year’s promo materials that inevitably end up in a trash bin. Instead, we promised ourselves to (at least once a year) self-initiate a project that will benefit the whole Croatian creative industry and make us happy.

In cooperation with 12 well-known Croatian graphic designers we created the Brand New Year calendar - each month came with a name, a slogan and a logo for one fictional small business. Once created, we offered them to young entrepreneurs free of charge, hoping it would show them the importance of good branding and communication, inspire others to have a more courageous and creative 2014, and freshen up the boring local market.

The project was supported by the Croatian employment service as well as some other institutions. In no time at all, the brandings were “adopted” and started serving their new owners. 

Don Računko – accounting business - Hamper 
Pitaj mamoo i tattooo – tattoo parlour - Vedran Klemens
Ziherica - tailor shop - Jagoda Jurišić
Copy pasta – Italian restaurant with delivery - Nebojša Cvetković
Nevješta – Wedding planner - Superstudio 29
Suparnica – Soup bistro - Mireldy
Pun kufer - Last-minute tourist agency - ĐukićPavlović
Nina Badić - Bathing suits pop-up store - Manasteriotti∞Marić

Šofer - Taxi service - Šesnić&Turković
Sendvić – Sandwich place - Izvorka Jurić
Tipfeler – Copywriting services - Ivana Rubelj Boubish
Mensa - Menza - Healthy food bistro - Pero Vojković


Apart from the fact it received massive PR and dominated the news portals and creative festivals, the project allowed us to cooperate with some of the best Croatian graphic designers. It also established Señor as a new driving force on the creative market, known for tackling challenges and finding solutions. There was no shortage of branding ideas, so expect a brand new Brand New Year soon.



Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very Creative Director, Copywriter | Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director


Hamper, Vedran Klemens, Jagoda Jurišić, Nebojša Cvetković, Superstudio29, Mireldy, Đukić Pavlović, Manasteriotti Marić, Šesnić&Turković, Izvorka Jurić, Ivana Rubelj - Boubish, Pero Vojković

Project supporters

Croatian Employment Service, Obrtnik & partner program, Cerovski Print Boutique

Special thanks to

Anyone without whom this project wouldn’t have turned out as beautiful, smart and funny as it is: Imelda, Boris, Klemica, Saša and many more.

Besides the creative industry, this project helped promote my phone number. When Señor opened it’s doors, we didn’t call potential clients, but my phone didn’t stop ringing. And the ones who called were exactly the clients we were trying to attract.

Iva Kaligarić - Director of Strategy

When we started with the BNY project, we couldn’t have dreamed of the bright future lying ahead. What’s the moral of this story? It’s best to do things that bring you joy, ‘cause the results are always rewarding.

Vanja Blumenšajn - Very Creative Director

To this day Brand New Year remains one of the most interesting projects I’ve worked on. A brilliant idea that shows the importance of branding, an excellent team and top notch execution. I still have my “Sendvić” hanging in the office, where else than in the kitchen by the fridge.

Izvorka Jurić - Creative and art director, Design Bureau