OPG Josip Matković


Iskrena vina Matković


January 2014




IDEJA X 2019 Craft Design finalist
EFFIE 2019 Long term efficiency: finalist
Behance 2018
Effie 2018
Lurzer's Archive 2017
Regpak 2017
Cropak 2015
Regpak 2015
Behance 2015
Sudnji Dan 2014***
Balcannes 2014
Ideja X 2014
Ideja X 2014
HDD 2014

“It's not just a business. Our days consist of hundreds of beautiful and difficult moments that make us proud of the wines we created for all the honest, human moments you will experience drinking them. Without big words, colorful labels and shiny ads, to us, this is life - true devotion to making great wines. Maybe that is the reason Matković wines have this strange power. They inspire small unspoken truths, that are, just like the wines, hard to share.”


Thousands of Croatian winemakers struggle to find and keep their audience. The challenge lies in how to uniquely position and introduce Matković wines using only the marketing tools of a family business. Packaging is among the most important (and potent) means of communication and – especially in the case of a limited budget – the first line of communication with the consumer. Why not approach it so that it establishes an (emotional) connection with the consumer and conveys the brand's message?


The story of Honest Wines started in 2013. We were looking for a way to stand out in an oversaturated market and tell a unique story about a family devoted to wine - wine made with love using quality grapes, fairly priced and honest, without any pretence or deceit in their communication. Honesty best describes the way the Matković family approaches their business. And so a brand was born for all those honest moments that await their fans.


While the old saying goes “in wine, there is truth”, in the case of Honest Wines labels, the truth is also ”on“ it. The wrapping hides bottles that, when unwrapped – just like the tongue loosening after a couple of sips of wine – reveal small unspoken truths on the labels. The wrapping conceptually “hides” the secret on the bottle and at the same time functions as a gift wrapper. Every wine type reveals a new truth, and each new harvest builds on the story that never ends.

Wrapping paper conceals the bottles...
Once unwrapped bottles reveal small, unspoken truths on the labels.
Pinot noir made me tipsy, so I told her I loved her and gave her the last bite of my steak.
We finished a bottle of cabernet franc. I hugged my old man. Maybe it's time I forgive him - he did the best he could.
My girlfriend is a bit shy, but when she drinks chardonnay, she does things that make even me blush.
She leaves tomorrow. Still, I burried my face in her lap and wished the morning would never come. I blame sirocco and frankovka barrique.
Frankovka stain on my beige dress reminds me of you. While we were running towards your apartment, I wonder has it occured to you that the glass didn't just happen to fall.
You said we can be friends. I took a sip of sylvaner and imagined what life would be like if we never met.


Due to the brave market launch, the brand became recognizable within the first year with significant PR replacing classic advertising - the small producer drew major attention of the public and customers. It wasn’t just a creative success; during the first three months after the launch, Matković sold more wine than in the previous three years. Yes, years. 

The packaging received major critical acclaim, including the Cropak award for the best Croatian packaging, the recognition for Best Copywriting of the Year at IdejaX and Sudnji Dan and regional awards Regpak and Balcannes. In addition to mentions in many international publications, the legendary Lürzers Archive included it among the top 200 in the world and dedicated six pages and the cover of a special issue that selects the best of the best in design packaging.



Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very Creative Director, Copywriter | Miro Čavar ~ Art Director, Designer | Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director


Mario Kučera ~ Cover Photographer | Maja Danica Pečanić ~ Wine & Food Photographer | Dragan Dragojlović Gaga ~ Chef & Food Stylist

OPG Josip Matković

Josip Matković, Mira Matković, Iva Matković, Ivan Matković

To call your wines honest seemed at first like a suicidal move. It sounded a bit pompous, and we just wanted something that will appeal to folks. I had no idea how thirsty the audience was for a product that communicates with them on all levels.

Iva Matković - Owner, OPG Josip Matković

You know that unicorn moment when you get the opportunity to do a project from scratch - to come up with a name and a concept, and design the packaging for a great product with great people for a great audience? Now I do, too.

Vanja Blumenšajn - Very Creative Director

“Like kids playing in the sandpit” would best describe the process of designing this packaging.

Miro Čavar - Art Director