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We’re happy every time we get a chance to work with real actors, rather than extras who see the camera for the first time on the set (and snap a selfie beside it #setlife). We also hope that real actors are happy when they get a chance to work with well-written scripts.


Before launching the new TRIO package, Iskon faced a number of challenges: the market oversaturated with similar products, consumers overwhelmed with incomparable deals, the TV program flooded with identical ads. On top of it, due to HAKOM’s regulation, Iskon wasn’t in the position to emphasize the (comparably lower) price.


Because of the seemingly huge number of telecom plans on the market, it’s difficult to explain to users how great a plan actually is. Maybe it’s a couple of kunas cheaper, but does it have his favorite TV show? What about the download speed? Is it 200 Mbps? Maybe it is, but the neighborhood’s infrastructure is from the Middle Ages. Extra minutes are cool but what about the price of making the actual call? Iskon has always been known for communicating its TRIO package as a best buy. The problem is that its competitors offer the same combination of those three services (under the same generic name). The new TRIO package, communicated in this campaign, didn’t include the highest number of TV shows, free minutes nor the fastest internet on the market. So, the challenge lay in presenting it as the optimal combination for the target user – sporting so many benefits it’s impossible to describe it. This is the reason why we branded it as the Iskon FULL package, chock-full of TV shows, chock-full of free minutes and chock-full of data – and made it stand out from the competition. Choosing a plan is a complex task; by coming up with the FULL package we simplified that task for the consumers.


Casting takes the form of an anti-commercial, which breaks down the fourth wall and reveals the prep for the shooting of a “real” commercial. At the same time, it’s a wet dream for every client: it shows celebrities repeating the product benefits for the entire duration of the commercial. Who better to describe the package to the users but Croatia’s most awarded actors? Lana Barić, Nina Violić and Krešo Mikić gave it a shot; to see if they succeeded, check out the videos below.

Regular billboards weren’t quite enough to describe the package so we made a “modular” one that changes every day. We addressed the same problem in the radio ad. 


The results are difficult to describe but easy to show numerically. The number of new subscribers, compared to the base, increased by 50%, the number of Iskon.TV users increased by 29%. In addition to the record number of incoming calls to the call center, the campaign generated an increase of calls related to the ad by a whopping 114%. 

We've shown Lana's incapability and frustration to portray the best of wishes, in our holiday greeting card that Iskon sent to colleagues and partners.


This campaign is innovative in another way, too: we modernized Iskon’s visual identity. In addition to the redefined and expanded palette of brand colors, we established a grid system for the layout. Inspired by the visual logic of the digital world and the modularity of Iskon’s services, it improved the visual appeal and brand distinction, allowed for nicer animations and spared our creatives from sleepless nights before the campaign launch.



Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very Creative Director, Copywriter | Jurica Ćorluka ~ Creative Director, Copywriter | Luka Pervan ~ Copywriter | Damir Mazinjanin ~ Art Director | Mišel Kovačić ~ Designer | Miro Čavar ~ UX/UI Designer | Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director | Nina Trumbić ~ Account Executive


Miša Terzić ~ Director | Ana Šepić Šolaja ~ Producer (Centralna jedinica) | Mia Gvozdić Michl ~ Producer (Centralna jedinica) | Damir Žižić ~ Photographer


Iva Pregernik Jungić ~ Marketing Communications Director | Tajana Čonka ~ Marketing Communications Specialist | Iva Vukšić ~ Public Relations and Sponsorships Manager | Mateo Svećnjak ~ Event, Sponsorship and Promotions Coordinator | Lovorka Pretnjak ~ Marketing Communications Specialist | Krešimir Madunović ~ President of the Board

My third, but Señor’s first Campaign of the Year at IdejaX - I could hardly be more proud.

Vanja Blumenšajn - Very Creative Director

This is a project that proves it doesn’t have to be complicated to be intelligent, nor must it be expensive to make sense. All you need is a good idea that not even three award-winning actors will be able to pull off.

Lana Barić - Actress

The worst brief, the shortest deadline and the best campaign. It is possible! This campaign has been a personal favorite of mine. As Vanja said of the campaign: “It’s every client's wet dream” - and it really is!

Iva Pregernik - Marketing Communications Manager, Iskon

I loved shooting this campaign, because I could make fun of prejudices about actresses, and I especially enjoyed raging at directors who sometimes get on my nerves because they don’t understand the process we go through.

Nina Violić - Actress

For the first time I could play the role of an autocratic director who verbally abuses actors. What a treat! I got into it so much that the whole team thought it was for real. We enjoyed this childish creativity so much that it reminded me why I loved my job.

Miša Terzić - Director