November 2020




IdejaX Telecommunications: finalist
IdejaX Telecommunications: gold

Research has shown that 60% of people tell at least one lie during a 10-minute conversation and that out of 88% of people who consider themselves honest to a certain extent, only 26% consider themselves very honest. And what’s the story with brands? 


Iskon has decided that, alongside stronger communication that it is a sub-brand of Hrvatski Telekom, time has also come for a new communications platform. To do that, it was necessary to move away from the communication typical of other telecoms, which is based on connectedness, sharing, better possibilities, surprises and simplicity and to find the message and tone of voice that set Iskon apart from all the others.

We found that voice in the relationship between Iskon and its users — Iskonians are rational, they know what they want, they’re digitally aware and open, and on top of all that they’re used to Iskon always acting friendly and fair. We wanted to maintain that attitude and bolster it by highlighting honesty as the brand’s key value when it comes down to its customers.


What everyone needs in their life is that honest friend who will tell them when something is good and when it isn’t; your honest friend can be Iskon. The new Iskon is a truth-teller, the voice of reason that’s always here when you need it, who will never try to wrangle you into a deal that’s not really a deal and who will never hide anything from you. That’s why Iskon is your honest telecom, and Iskrenovci (iskren=honest in Croatian) its new communications platform.  

We also joined Iskrenovci with a new slogan that signs and describes all communications — Iskreno, Iskon (Honestly, Iskon). We brought in a new lead character, too (the fantastic Jerko Marčić!), who reps Iskrenovci in the new TV spot, where he tells and articulates the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a series of situations, whether they’re related to big life questions or choosing a TV package.

Besides on the air, Jerko was being honest in all digital materials as well.

Honestly, they could have called me, since they already presented the idea with me on all the materials, but okay. Jerko was also quite good. – the slightly hurt, but honest Seth Rogen
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We joined the new, more direct communication with the same visual identity that places Iskon’s most recognizable features at the forefront – the orange color, the grid and Iskon icons. Iskon’s “pixel” background additionally highlights the system and the network of visual communicating, where the elements mutually build on one another and adapt, and by doing so create an interactive background for presenting new offers and gadgets. Cast an eye on each pixel!  



Iva Kaligarić ~ Strategic Director | Jurica Ćorluka ~ Head of Creative | Vanja Luetić ~ Senior Copywriter | Lucija Drača ~ Junior Copywriter | Šimun Šitum ~ Junior Copywriter | Tomislav Šestak ~ Art director | Mišel Kovačić ~ Designer | Danijela Maričević ~ Head of Account | Ana Ključević ~ Account Manager


Iva Pregernik Jungić ~ Marketing Communications Director | Iva Vukšić ~ Head of PR, internal communications and sponsorships | Tajana Čonka ~ Marketing Communications Specialist | Krešimir Madunović ~ President of the Board


Rino Barbir ~ Director | Damjan Radovanović ~ DOP | Tina Fras ~ Producer (Komakino) | Marina Jurišić ~ Producer (Komakino) | Mia Gvozdić Michl ~ Producer (Komakino) | Marin Balaić ~ Animator | Damir Žižić ~ Photographer | Vinko Pelicarić ~ Composer | Dubravko Robić ~ Sound engineer

Honestly, this was the most challenging, difficult and emotional campaign in my 19 years in Iskon. And it turned out fantastic. It taught me how big, but actually how small a difference 2 pixels can make.

Tajana Čonka - Marketing Communications Specialist

Not many communication platforms in the Croatian advertising space are interesting enough and have the potential to last for years. Honestly, Iskrenovci is one of those.

Jurica Ćorluka - Head of Creative, Señor

Maybe the lady at the end of the wedding scene doesn’t know anything about lunch, but she sure does know everything about line improvisation.

Lucija Drača - Junior Copywriter, Señor