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Zagreb film




January 2022


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Movie posters are, in a way, teasers for the movie - they hint at the genre and plot, aiming to stoke your curiosity enough to be intrigued about the rest. Just like other teasers, it can have (at least) a double meaning - the one you see before watching the movie, and the one you notice after the viewing.


After creating a series of movie posters for Tereza37, we were thrilled to welcome a new project like that (for us and Lana Barić). This time we worked on Snow White, a short film where the talented Lana is a triple threat, with roles as an actress, screenwriter, and as a debut director. Just as in Tereza37, in the short Lana has tackled questions of motherhood, the role of women in the family, social expectations and norms. Despite being the namesake of a fairytale, instead of a sleeping girl and dwarves, this story follows a woman that operates a snowplow.


The plot of the film centers around a character named Željka and her secrets - the way it ends… sorry, no spoilers! You’ll have to find out for yourself by watching the movie that is just now starting its festival adventure. The design of the poster uses simplicity and the chosen technique to portray the ambience of the movie - the harsh action of ripping paper foretells the culmination of the movie by using minimal methods of expression, and the selected colors suggest an uncomfortable atmosphere. In its offline form, the movie poster also works in 3D form where, by ripping the paper, you’ll get a slightly different look for the poster each time - a representation of the different ways the ending of Snow White can be interpreted.



Vanja Blumenšajn ~ Very Creative Director | Dora Kasun ~ Designer | Anamarija Vuić ~ Account Manager

Zagreb film

Lana Barić ~ Screenwriter, Director and Actress | Julia Martinović - Executive Producer | Vinko Brešan - Producer | Nikola Predović - Photographer

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I really like movies, especially short ones. I’m a big fan of movies. Even though I’ve played in a lot of them, and now even directed one, I think my favorite role is that of a spectator. That being said, I hope that Snow White will be liked by the audience.

Lana Barić - Screenwriter, Director and Actress

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I look forward to working on a movie poster because I like to be surprised and Señor always manages to do that. In the end they come up with 3 solutions which makes choosing only one really difficult, which I also like. I’m at peace when working with Señor because I know we’re on the same page and that nothing other than greatness will come out of it.

Lana Barić - Screenwriter, Director and Actress