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When you hear the word media - do TV, Internet or newspaper immediately pop into your head? Do you ever wonder if print is dead, does anyone still watch TV or should you spend all your budget online? A skilled communicator doesn't waste time on useless discussions. For him – everything's a medium. He chooses the means cleverly and seeks out the best tool to make his idea reach the audience in an interesting and relevant way. His medium may be a bottle, office supplies, a label, a book, a message in the hallway, a T-shirt or… a link.


Are FB statuses the only thing on your reading list? Ever since TikTok, even those are out. All we read now are hashtags. A research on reading habits in Croatia*, actively collecting data since 2011, shows that roughly about 50% of people read at least one book per year. Those who do read, read an average of 4 books per year, and this mostly concerns highly educated persons aged 26 to 35. According to the survey, 18% of young people report never reading books in their free time while 57% of them do it rarely or sometimes.**

The amount of people not interested in books is growing bigger every year – 74,5% of respondents claimed this in 2018, and the number of those not buying books is on the constant rise since 2013.


You've read us like a book! We wouldn't be us if we weren't to try and use our own medium for a cause we believe in. An undisclosed project for our disclosed love for the book. Instead of donating books to the libraries, we've donated all of the Read more links on our website so that from now on, instead of showing you the full version of the news, they lead you to the Zagreb City Libraries website where you can find the most recent book recommendations. And so, without a big-budget and production effort, we remind our visitors to read more (books). You too can read something more than just this post or join us in our enlightening mission; link Read more on your website to Zagreb City Libraries or some other reading institution.

I do not recall all the books I have read any better than I can recall all the meals that I have eaten, even so they have made me.


If you don't believe us, here's a few words about the importance of reading (for all the young and young-spirited people) from the famous guru Jordan Peterson.

If we've managed to wrap your head around the importance of reading, here's a couple of first-hand recommendations. Rule number one is not to torment yourself; if it's not working out for you, pick another one from the shelf that'll suit you better – the libraries have got you covered with all the covers out there. 

Señor's readers suggest:

Ante Zlatko Stolica – The Proximity of Everything

Boba Đuderija – I'm Calling About a Job

Darko Šeparović – Bloodstream

Stewart Lee – How I Escaped My Certain Fate

Carol S. Dweck - Mindset

Francesca Cavallo, Elena Favilli – Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Min Jin Lee - Pachinko

Frederic Beigbeder – A Life Without End

Donald Hoffman – Visual Intelligence

John Edward Williams – Stoner

Kevin Kelly – The Inevitable

Toni Morrison – The Bluest Eye

Jeffrey Eugenides – Middlesex

*Data from the research: Book market research in HR (GfK, 2018) and Book market research in HR (Office for creative analysis Kvaka, 2019)

** Research on young people in Croatia 2018/2019, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, 2019