After winning the title Agency of the year at BalCannes and scooping three runner-up awards at Ideja X, it finally came home. We finally have it, cast-iron proof, something our mums knew all along: Señor is the Agency of the Year!

IDEJA X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X

Señor and awards are having a public love affair, and this year DK Festival showed us love. We’ve turned twelve finalists into nine awards and dominated in finance, telecommunication, pharmacy, soft drinks, socially responsible, and branding category. Gold in the Soft drinks and Best film went to Jamnica Botanica, the best in Telecomm category went to Iskrenovci, Vizol – Are your eyes signaling you? won in Health & pharmacy. Zaba’s #firstime and Wiener’s Still insures your peace of mind shared two silvers in Finance and insurance category. WWF Adria Losers (nomen non est omen) is the best Social action, and Zaba won the second prize, a bronze in the COVID category, for #firsttime. Last but not least, a heroic silver for After (from where we’re writing this copy) in the Branding category, where it was accompanied by Botanica. If you have reached the end of this list, you too deserve a reward.


Apart from being effective in creativity, we were effective in, well, effectivness. The thirty-member Effie jury declared three of our projects finalists  (Jamnica Botanica - From the Nature's Garden, Wiener Insurance - Insures your peace of mind and Zagrebačka banka - #firsttime) and awarded two of them: Gold for Wiener and Silver for Zaba.


But that’s not all - our young lionesses have won the Grand Prix at the Young Lions competition, so we are less worried about the future when the old creative directors will play golf and drink piña coladas.

I remember when Iva and I initially played agency in my living room. If Iva hadn’t gotten bored of my meager choice of pajamas, we probably would never have rented the first office. - Vanja, Very creative director


When Señor was born eight years ago, we were guided by two things: the desire to do things creatively and superbly. It has been a long path from Señor’s first Ideja X win in 2014 when we won fourth place (the awards were collected by all of Señor’s employees at the time: Iva and Vanja;) until today. But perhaps more important than all the recognitions and the title Agency of the Year is the fact that we did it in our own way: we worked on projects we believe in, those that benefit clients, but also those for whom they are intended, that don’t offend consumer’s intelligence but try to invoke something positive. We avoided unnecessary tenders, started our own brands, developed long partnerships with people who appreciate our work and whom it’s a joy to work with. That’s the real victory.

The first client was such a nuisance that we thanked them and returned the fee, and we felt silly proactively contacting any others. I still don’t know how we did this. - Iva, Super Managing Director

We have been joined on this journey by many dear like-minded professionals and friends who recognized our philosophy and environment as inspiring. Thank you Jurica, Danijela, Lucija, Vanja, Valentina, Luka, Luka and Luka, Domagoj, Ana, Šime, Damir, Miro, Tomo, Alen, Dora, Martina, Irena, Mišel, Petra, Dominik, Nikolina, Nina, Stipe, Zvonimira, Klasja, Maria, Anamarija, Ana, Hana, Tena, Vinko, Boris, as well as all the collaborators who helped make our ideas this good. You are our Señores and Señoritas every year.